You are so beautifully complex and I simply adore you. Your smile is my kryptonite and I could swim forever in your eyes.

How will I love you throughout our days together? Let me count the ways… 

I will show you the beauty in the most ordinary things starting with each morning when you awake; the first thing you will see are my adoring eyes reflecting back at you the exquisite beauty that now resides bashfully in the shadows of your soul.

Between our goodnight kisses and morning caresses, I will bring you heights of pleasure unrivalled and make you feel things you never thought possible as we bask in a deep soul connection that transcends the merging of the flesh.

The kisses I plant on your forehead will grow roots that secure our love in firm foundation. My arms wrapped around you will grow shoots, reaching in the same direction, towards our dreams and the beautiful life we are creating.

Our love will be like a garden that will flower with loving kindness and commitment. You and I will make a secret covenant known only to us; one that avers how we will tend to our relationship, and one that speaks of our shared intentions for our union, and what we intend to be to each other, for each other, and with each other.

This is how I will love you.

I will show you that nothing is impossible, in life and between our hearts there is no place that is off limits, so long as we promise to always venture forth together.

Communication will be our cornerstone: open, honest, raw. We will stand naked before each other, completely exposed, vulnerable, defenseless. Differences in opinions will be debated for sure, but respectfully so. We will lay down our defenses and abjure all armour, choosing instead to take in each others’ truth always with kindness and compassion, even when it is uncomfortable.

In so doing, we shall always feel free to speak our truths without fear of judgement, condemnation or ridicule. And when disagreements come as they must, we will seek to grow ourselves and our love after each conflict, as our understanding of each other deepens, our mutual respect multiplies, and our hearts expand with evermore love for one another.

It is from this space that we will create the most glorious state of being; two souls dancing in unison, towards the truest form of intimacy either of us has ever imagined.

This is how I will love you.

I will cradle your heart within the walls of my own, keeping your precious love safe in this sanctuary you’ll call “home”. I will do my utmost best to honour and protect you, and be your unfailing support in this mad, mad world.

And once you have experienced the full depth of my love, you will never be content with status quo ever again. I will spoil you for anybody else who may come after me. Not by lavishing you with material things that will one day decay, but by igniting your spirit and inviting you to journey together into the deepest parts of our being, and discovering the alcoves of our souls where no one else has ever been before… I will make you feel truly alive. Finally.

This is how I will love you.

Please know, my darling, that these aren’t merely the quixotic words of a lover and a dreamer. For when the strains of daily life set straight our starry-eyes, I vow to remain resolutely by your side.

I will gently put pause to those old patterns that keep you going round in circles.

I will not let you continue to play small.

Instead, I will always challenge you to grow into your highest self.

And I will be the gale that lifts you to your truest potential.

You are destined for greatness and with your hand in mine, I will help you peel away your layers until your inner brilliance shines without hesitance.

This is how I will love you.

When our love is tested, I will never give you reason to fear that I might one day wind up in the arms of another. When the going gets tough, I will become tougher. I will not budge even two inches from the parameters of our commitment. I will be your rock.

I will never give you reason to doubt my love or loyalty. Or question my devotion. And even if you may question our future, I will hold true to you. I will hold true to the vision of us that we had written once upon the sands of time.

I want to assure you that I will not pack up my heart and take the next train out of town even when it all feels like too much. In any case, you will always hold its key, so I will never have any other place to go where I could call home. And that is how I want it to be; my heart completely open and true, laid bare only for you.

And I ask that you do the same for me.

Sometimes you might be the one tempted to run in fear of feeling too much. This is when I will reveal to you the true face of commitment. I will not move. I will choose to stand for the both of us. And I will show you what miracles are made of, by pure intention alone.

This is how I will love you.

As much as I adore you, sweetheart, you should know that I will not just give in to you every time. I will not let you win every argument and fight; I will take a stand for my values and principles and for what I believe in, if they differ from yours. I will defend my views, but I will also give yours ample airtime and due consideration. Eventually, I suspect we will both agree to respectfully disagree.

I will not run from uncomfortable conversations and I will not hide when life’s inevitable struggles threaten to pull at our seams.

Also, please know that I won’t be afraid to admit when I am wrong. And I will put my ego aside and be willing to let “sorry” leave these lips when it is called upon.

This is how I will love you.

I will cherish you with every breath of my being.

I will treasure every one of our days together like it may be our last, and I will never take your love for granted.

I will love every inch of you, even each of your bad moods.

I will love your flaws, because it is your quirks and imperfections that make you so wonderfully perfect in my eyes.

I accept every part of you wholly, unconditionally. Because if you were anybody else, I would not have fallen this deeply in love with you.

And I will give you your space because Lord knows I need mine. To recharge and refuel, and when we come back together again we will be replenished and whole, and eager to give of ourselves once more.

This is how I will love you.

I will make our home a beautiful nest, in which you will feel safe, and from which you will be empowered to fly in pursuit of your goals. And together, we will create the enchanting life we both dream of.

Sweetheart, you will only need look in my eyes and feel loved.

This is how I will love you.

And I hope this is how you want to love me too.