One fine day in early 2015, two friends were having breakfast in a luxurious resort in Phuket, Thailand.

Pampering and healing were in order on this mini vacation as one of them was in the process of recovery and rebuilding her life after a three-year relationship had abruptly come to a painful end.

The pair talked about life. They talked about love. They talked about things they were passionate about. They talked about how life sometimes takes an unexpected detour. How even with the best-laid plans in place, life sometimes throws us a curveball. A spouse leaves. A loved one suddenly passes away. The economy tanks and we lose our jobs or our business falls apart.

Then they asked themselves this question: how do we pick ourselves off the floor, rebuild our lives, and get back in the game after the initial period of grief? How do we transmute negative experiences and channel such events into something positive? Ultimately, how do we make the best of it when life forces us to embark on a “Plan B” we never ever consented to?

b.philosophy was born that very morning, inspired by a mission to deliver soul food and empowering content that would help people re-balance, re-build and re-boot their lives and emerge stronger after a setback.

We are passionate about personal growth and we hope you join us on this journey of positive transformation. Because sometimes, Plan B actually works out better in the end.

Vision: Empowering people on a journey of personal growth and positive transformation.

Mission: Delivering soul food to inspire people to grow into the best version of themselves.

Meet our founders

 Amanda Photo

Amanda Chen is an entrepreneur, art teacher, yoga teacher, artist, diver and certified art psychotherapist with a unique perspective on life. She owns several businesses: Oh! Factor Pte LtdFactor Consulting, Little Dreamers, and is the co-founder of b.philosophy. She is passionate about art and business and enjoys travelling.

Jamie Photo

Jamie Nonis is a born again romantic and reformed pessimist who now believes in fairytale love and the unseen magic of the universe. But she’s wise enough to know that idealism alone doesn’t pay the bills. So she’s also a journalist by training, writer/editor for hire, content marketing strategist, copywriter, founder of The Writers Club, and co-founder of b.philosophy. To indulge her inner dreamer, she sometimes writes instapoetry as @scatteredverses