I’ve been meditating regularly since the beginning of this year but it was my first time experiencing the Meditation on Twin Hearts at the ‘Open Your Heart’ event organised by SG Caring Heart.

Part of the pranic healing modality, this form of secular meditation works on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels to open the heart chakra (the emotional heart) and the crown chakra (the spiritual heart). The opening of the crown is intended to increase the flow of divine energy into your being, and make possible inner illumination.

This session was quite interesting as I’m used to meditating solo or in groups of not more than 30 people at most – certainly nothing like the mass scale of sitting in this hall with 400 other people.

The guided meditation began by having us visualise sending lovingkindness to the earth and all people in it. This part of the process really moved me, as specific individuals in my life popped into my mind without conscious direction. One by one, I began blessing them with lovingkindness and I felt my heart fill up with love. Even when individuals whom I have strained relationships with came to mind, all I felt was this great sense of love for them. It was pretty overwhelming and at one point, I felt a single tear stream down my right cheek.

Then something extraordinary happened: I felt a stirring in my soul, a reawakening of my purpose for being here on this earth and I was reminded of my duty to be a greater contribution to mankind. This made me rather emotional as I also received a knowing that the current path I was on was distracting and keeping me from living my purpose.

We then meditated on the “OM”, exhaling the word audibly with every breath. My usual daily meditation comprises a silent chant while holding a specific image in mind. So this was different. There was an added dimension of vibrational energy from vocalising the word that perhaps helps to more effectively align the physical with the mental and emotional states to produce a more calming effect on both mind and body.

It was at this point that I began receiving an awareness that shed light on a particular predicament that had been weighing on my mind and heart for some time now.

I suddenly achieved full clarity that in order to fulfill the purpose of my being here on earth, I would need to let go of the pursuit of a relationship that was not going anywhere.

You see, I had been grappling with whether to keep trying or to let it go, and all this uncertainty was keeping me stuck in an eddy of confusion, constantly going back and forth, not knowing what to do. It was mentally and emotionally draining at times, and I certainly wasn’t channelling my time and energy all that productively, let alone fulfilling my highest potential.

I wasn’t oblivious to this inner state of affairs. Rationally, I knew it wasn’t healthy and that this unresolved situation was holding me back. Yet, I could not seem to pull myself out of this emotional limbo.

During the meditation, I felt this awareness sink deeper, to the level of soul. This knowing came upon me and I immediately felt lighter: the cycle had been broken.

I knew with crystal clarity what I needed to do.

This knowing deep in my soul filled my heart with a sense of peace that I haven’t felt for many months now. While it’s not a course of action that I actually want to take, I’m now clear that nothing – and no one, for that matter – is worth my inner peace. And I should never allow myself to get so blinded and emotionally burdened by a negative situation that I let it keep me from fulfilling my life’s purpose.

I am grateful for this renewed feeling of lightness and peace, and I’m glad to be back on the right track again, thanks to just this one session of Meditation on Twin Hearts.