This one’s for all you single ladies. It’s that time of the year again, folks.

The streets will be filled with a sea of people holding overpriced roses, teddy bears and balloons. Couples will walk around with silly grins and intertwined fingers.

That’s right, Valentine’s day is round the corner.

Now, I refuse adhere to the stereotype that single ladies should be sad and bitter on this specific day. Also, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve never actually had a Valentine’s Day date. So, trust me when I say I’ve got your back, sista! Here are some ways to spend your 14th of February.

Singles night out!

Have a girls’ night out! Call your single girlfriends, dress up (or down, whichever you prefer) and strut around town like you own it! Even better, ask your single guy friends to join you. Think about it. Romantic relationships may not last forever but fulfilling friendships always manage to stand the test of time. Who better to spend Valentine’s Day with than your besties?

Date yourself

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day might make heartbreak worse. You might be fresh out of a relationship; social media might have informed you that your ex is seeing someone new; this might be the first Valentine’s you’re spending alone in a long time. Every canoodling couple might make you want to tear your hair out. Every damn balloon gives you the urge to pop it with a safety pin. But you know, there’s one other person you’re already spending your life with: YOU. Spend the day like Han – Solo! You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Catch a movie, go for a yoga class, spend the day reading at Starbucks or relax with a massage. Use this day to signal the start of an awesome relationship with yourself.

Movie marathon

Fictional worlds have always provided me with glorious company that I can’t get enough of. Another great way to spend Valentine’s Day is to get your hands on a few movies, stay home and watch them all. Choose something that will make you cry like a baby (it’s always good to purge them emotions once in awhile) or something that will make you laugh till you’re literally rolling on the floor clutching your stomach in glee. The way I see it, why hit the streets looking for a Mr Darcy when Colin Firth is available on DVD? There’s nothing wrong with a little vicarious living! Either way, your fictional friends will keep loneliness at bay for the day.

Secret Valentine for the family

Put a different spin on Secret Santa and organise a secret Valentine at home! After all, home IS where the heart is. Plus, what’s better than shopping for presents for a Secret Valentine? Receiving one on the day itself! (If you do happen to get a really bad one, though: regift, regift, regift.) But hey, it’s all about giving, receiving and sharing the love between family. Of course, you could always liven things up between your friends or colleagues too. Presents for everyone! Yay!

Remember: it’s about love, not lurrrrve

Honestly, I used to think that Valentine’s Day is an overhyped, over-commercialised, meaningless occasion that couples get excited about just for the sake of it. And yes, in many ways, it is just another random day. But I’ve also come to realise that Valentine’s Day is a reminder. It is a reminder to spread love, be it to our family, our friends and ourselves. It’s a chance for us to show the people whom we love that we do love them. So all you single ladies, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t found lurrrrve – you already definitely have love in other aspects of your life. And this is a brilliant day to bask in all of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3